Q. Do I choose one subject for my child or do we have the option of trying multiple topics covered in each session?
A. Students are exposed to most or all subjects offered each session but are welcome to focus on their specific area of interest. We encourage students to try everything to explore and find new pursuits!

Q. What is the instructor to child ratio?
A. Five students per instructor.

Q. What’s for lunch for full day campers?
A. Pizza or sandwiches from a local shop are provided by MacInspires. Students are welcome to bring lunch from home.

Q. Who teaches the summer programs?
A. MacInspires’ team of 20+ instructors are passionate and skilled STEAM educators with varying educational and professional backgrounds.  MacInspires instructors are provided ongoing professional development.

Q. My child has allergies or other special needs. Can you help?
A. Please email with special requests.  We are happy to assist you and your family.

Q. My child cannot do both weeks.  Is there any flexibility?
A. MacInspires offers pro-rated registrations for campers who cannot make the entire Series, contact us at and we’ll make it happen! 

Q. Are scholarships available?
A. MacInspires offers scholarships under certain circumstances. Please feel free to contact us at for more information.