Personal Protective Equipment

MacInspires is now fabricating Cloth Face Masks and Face Shields to local businesses, schools and families. We are happy to make these items available to our community at a fair and competitive price, offering corporate, school and personal customization.
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20% of profit will be donated to Feeding Westchester, Neighbor to Neighbor and South Coast New Life Church.

MacInspires is hard at work utilizing our Makerspace resources and equipment to produce and donate PPE to local doctors and nurses. With our 3D Printers, Laser Cutter and Sewing Machines we are able to produce face masks, face shields and aerosol boxes. Student are assisting as well, using 3D Printers at home to create ear savers, door hooks and more. 

What we have donated thus far (last updated 5/26)

Shield Frames Shield Fronts Face Masks Aerosol Boxes Ear Guards Door Hooks
416 981 1000 14 174 33

Implementing the Open COVID Pledge
Immediate action is required to halt the COVID-19 Pandemic and treat those it has affected. It is a practical and moral imperative that every tool we have at our disposal be applied to develop and deploy technologies on a massive scale without impediment.
We therefore pledge to make our intellectual property available free of charge for use in ending the COVID-19 pandemic and minimizing the impact of the disease.
We will implement this pledge through a license that details the terms and conditions under which our intellectual property is made available.

Partners and Supporters


MacInspires is accepting donations to purchase filament, acrylic and other materials to produce PPE. The most efficient way to donate is through PayPal. Click here to donate to our account.

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