Health & Safety PrecautionsWhat We are Doing

MacInspires is sanitizing devices (computers, iPads, robots, etc), surfaces, door handles, bathroom fixtures, light switches and other high touch areas multiple times a day. We have soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels well-stocked as well as Alcohol wipes available in each classroom. MacInspires has proudly invested in an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer we use daily.

Temperature checks are taken before anyone enters the makerspace. Face masks are required to be worn in the makerspace.
We have safe, easily accessible, outdoor areas for mask breaks.

Staff is washing their hands before and after class and asking students to do the same while reminding them of proper health procedures. Any staff or students showing signs of sickness will not attend.

Maximum attendance has been restricted to 13 students in Mamaroneck, no more than 6 students per class. Social distancing is implemented and we have plexiglass dividers.

Windows and doors are open for fresh air while our central air system is pumping. Greenwich has temporarily been closed due to lack of fresh air-flow.

MacInspires is taking the COVID Virus seriously and appreciates your help in ensuring the health and safety of our students, instructors, friends and families!

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