MacInspires parties are a wonderfully creative, collaborative and educational way to celebrate special moments like Birthdays! Parties feature fun STEAM activities such as 3D Design, Robotics, Coding and more. If you have a budding maker with specific hobbies, we can plan a party around your child’s interests! 

❖ All packages have an eight child minimum, 15 child maximum.
❖ All packages include two slices of pizza per child and water.
❖Parties are available at 5PM Monday-Saturday and anytime on Sundays
❖ No hidden charges! Gratuity not required.
❖ MacInspires Goody Bags available for $5, $10 or $20 per child.

Choose Your Party!

Minecraft – Beneath the hood of Minecraft is a fascinating set of codes we are able to modify to create unique characters and properties in the game. This Party introduces students to Game Modding! $39 Per Child
1 3/4 Hours Long
Video Game Design – Create custom video games in Scratch, a computer programming language that makes it easy and fun to create interactive games, stories and animations! $39 Per Child
1 3/4 Hours Long
Robotics – Experience Cubelets, Ozobots, Dash & Dot and other robots! Code them and make them come alive! $42 Per Child
1 3/4 Hours Long
Light Sabers – Create your own light saber to take home by using arts & crafts mixed with electrical circuits! $42 Per Child
1 3/4 Hours Long
3D Printing – In this party you will learn the basics of 3D design and printing and receive your own print! $45 Per Child
2 Hours Long
3D Jewelry Design – Learn how to create your own 3D jewelry designs like bracelets, earring, necklaces and more, to be printed and worn! $45 Per Child
2 Hours Long
Electronic Wearables – Wearables are accessories we wear incorporating electronic technologies, like light up sneakers! Make & take home your own simple wearable! $45 Per Child
2 Hours Long


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