MacInspires Summer Enrichment Series

MacInspires Summer Enrichment Series and workshops will be held in both of our locations, featuring over twenty subjects, including outdoor STEAM challenges for ages 7 to 15! Summer enrollment students are registered for the whole week, five days, for $399. Both locations start the week of June 26th and end the week August 21st. Choose 9:30-Noon, 1:00-3:30 or both. Students who register for both morning and afternoon have an hour for lunch at MacInspires provided by us! 

Click Here for Larchmont Camp Schedule
Click Here for Greenwich Camp Schedule


MacInspires Renovation

MacInspires locations have undergone a full renovation, expanding our classrooms and making the store into complete Makerspaces with over seven activity zones including a Tinker Studio, Microcontroller Zone, Audio & Video Area, Fab Lab, Robotics Tables and more!

MacInspires Camp F.A.Q.

Q. My child likes one subject over others during a week. Does he/she have to participate in each subject?
A. Students get exposed to all subjects listed during the first day of the week and get to choose what they want to focus on for the remainder of the week, all with instructor support. We recommend students try everything to explore and possibly find something new to enjoy, or a new way to enjoy something old!

Q. What is your instructor to child ratio?
A. There’s a ratio of no more than five students per instructor.

Q. What does my child get for lunch if they sign up for morning and afternoon?
A. MacInspires will provide pizza or sandwiches from a local shop. Students may choose what type of sandwich they want. If you would like to send your child with a peanut-free lunch we have refrigerators and microwaves in both locations.

Q. Who teaches the summer programs?
A. MacInspires has a team of over 20 instructors, all experienced within their areas of study from college and/or working in the field. All MacInspires instructors go through continual training and meetings with other instructors to further develop skills.

Q. My child is 7, but all programs say they start at 8. May he/she join?
A. Most of our programs can be flexible down to 7 year olds. Please just reach out to us to ask about the week you are interested in.

Q. My child has allergies. What can you do to help?
A. We are certainly here to assist with special requests. Please reach out to us describing the allergy and we are happy to help!