About MacInspires

MacInspires Makerspaces feature acclaimed STEAM educational programs and memberships for all ages as well as consulting and professional development services for schools and other organizations. MacInspires instructors inspire and educate while promoting the values of STEAM Education – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math.

We chose the name MacInspires because we believe technology, Apple products and others, empower us in a myriad of ways. Our name also gives homage to Apple’s past for being the first computers enabling people to create graphic art, music, video and more.


Travis Sluss, CEO / Owner
 – Travis Sluss found his first start in the technology industry at an early age printing labels for his local community at 11 years old. A few years later Travis became the youngest intern that a recognized New York City computer-consulting firm had ever accepted. Later that summer he built his first computer and his passion for technology was cemented, leading him to purchase one of the first model Apple computers.

Following this fervor for all things tech, Travis spent several years working for Apple Inc. While there, Travis had the opportunity to observe the ways in which technology could enhance personal lives and business relationships. Travis began MacInspires with the goal of empowering both people and businesses with technology and education.

Coming from a creative and business background, Travis has experience in many areas of technology: music production, thousand-page Excel files, movies, graphic art, programming, electronics, complex networking, touring Broadway theatre productions, and more. Travis dedicates this diversity and wealth of experience to the strong foundation and backbone of MacInspires.

Travis was raised in Purchase, NY, and attended Purchase College. After graduating, Travis established residence in Connecticut. He has traveled to over a dozen countries and over 30 states for various technology-based work, including as a sound engineer for rock and roll bands like the Spin Doctors.

Please feel free to contact Travis if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.