STEM to STEAM: How Did We Get Here?

STEM to STEAM: How Did We Get Here?

Most of us are familiar with STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The acronym was introduced in 2001 as a means of unifying these subjects and building an integrated curricula around them. It is evident competency in these fields has presented access to higher-paying jobs. The big push for unity was introduced by the National Science Foundation, who sought to increase participation in its umbrella fields to fill a shortage of skilled workers in technology and to give America an innovative edge in the global market.

STEAM is different. Watch It Change Your Child’s Life!

Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Math

Innovation means to make new, to alter the established practices, to introduce new methods, ideas, and solutions. When you are innovating you are CREATING, INVENTING, BUILDING new and improved solutions, products, designs, and methodologies. This is not to say STEM does not encourage creativity, but if innovation is the intent, we could use a little thrust. Consider STEAM as applied STEM within the greater context of humanity, empathy, and design. Models of creativity and innovation are all around us, from the products we employ to how we manipulate them, our greatest achievements on the technological front aremore than strings of code. These strings of code dance behind glass screens with apps bouncing about with a natural gesture of the human finger, we hold innovation in our hands colored in deep matte black with beveled corners and a camera in each direction.

Design is everywhere! Architecture, cellphones, media, systems, vehicles, and every one of these inventions has a team behind it…a team who encompasses all the facets of STEAM. Because innovation is at the core of our future as a society. The innovators will be rewarded. Whether in robotics, cyber security, renewable energy, product design, environmental technology, entrepreneurship or fields we cannot even imagine… Envision it, design it, build it and apply creativity and empathy the arts provide and BE the next innovator.

Cowritten by Caleb Boardman, Larchmont Makerspace Manager
& Margaret Mullen, MacInspires Director of Operations